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Stop Cold Sores - Grace Melgarejo Cold Sore Freedom In 3 Days Review

 There may be no sign of cold sores for years but then imagine a day coming when you awaken and get a feeling that your lip is twitching. Then, you face the mirror to see whether something is wrong. But, then you heave a sigh of relief after knowing that nothing was wrong.

  You may feel that it was a figment of your imagination. After having clarified that nothing was wrong, you continue the usual daily chores. Then, as time flies, you again come across the twitching feel. It turns out that you should have treated a cold sore when you had woken up.

  You should be cautious as the feeling can give birth to an immense cold. It can get worse as time flies. It is actually a virus that has made way into your body, making things difficult for you. It also hits you at the right time. And, when it hits you, it hits you to the core. This is what is called as cold sore.

  To many people surprise, most of us are victims of cold sores but we are unaware of it. They are called “fever blisters” and its name according to medical terms is “Herpes Simplex Type 1”. Mostly, the lips or the mouth have to face the music created by cold sores i.e. cold sores are visible mostly on the lips or in the mouth. But, then it can also be visible on the other parts of the body such as face, inside or outside the nose. Besides, genital areas may also be the hub for cold sores.

  These are caused because of herpes virus type 2. Cold sores are caused by a certain virus. It forms when we are children and then get occupied in our body. Also, many factors when once activated can lead to cold sores. These factors can comprise of stress, illness, hormonal changes and sunburn.

  Cold sores symptoms may be itching and tingling. It mostly itches where the skin is red. These blisters eventually form into clusters in a short period of time. Scabs are formed when these blisters are broken into fluids. Sometimes, scars are even left out by cold sores.

  There are ways to curb it as it is said that prevention is often better than cure. You can apply an ice cube in the infected area every half an hour as soon as you get the feeling that you are attacked. This method diminished the size of the sore. Also, cold sore creams, antiviral treatments like acyclovir or idoxuridin are also good.

  Also, do not make contact with the infected part with your hand or any other substance barring medicines. Thus, if you follow the methods properly, you can prevent cold sores from becoming a nuisance.

  If you want to stop cold sores permanently, I highly recommend you check out Grace Melgarejo’s Cold Sore Freedom In 3 Days. Learn you how can cure cold sores yourself in 3 days and look better, feel better and raise your self-esteem.

Stop Cold Sores

Stop Cold Sores